Summer 2020
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Cosmic Baikal
12 - 19 July
Arrival, meeting at the airport
11:00-13:00 - Check-in to a hotel / hostel, accommodation, lunch
13:00 - Tour to the School Planetarium
14:00 - 20:00 - Sightseeing tour: Decembrists Museum (the Trubetskoys homestead), Angara embankment, panoramic wheel, dinner
21:00 - Getting ready for the tour"Sky Way" tour
2 - 4 DAYS: "Sky Way" tour
- Leaving Irkutsk, breakfast at Kultuk village
- Nuclear Physics Institute of Moscow State University Observatory on the basis of Research Institute of Applied Physics of Irkutsk State University of Tora village (Buryat Republic)
- Solar-Terrestrial Physics Institute in Tunka village, Tunka valley
- Natural boundary Badary – investigation of the Solar radio telescope SSRT
- Applied Astronomy Institute Observatory (Saint Petersburg) in Tunka village, Natural boundary Badary – investigating of radio telescope "Quazar" (Buryat Republic)
- Night stand at the Solar Observatory of Solar-Terrestrial Physics Institute, Mondy village (Buryat Republic)
- Solar Observatory of Solar-Terrestrial Physics Institute, Mondy village
-Overnight tour to Tankhoy (Buryat Republic)
- Hiking tour to the Baikal State Natural Biosphere Reserve (Buryat Republic)
-Return to Iskutsk

10:00 -18:00 - Bus tour to the Baikal Museum in Lisvyanka village: observation point, Astronomy Observatory, National Open-Air Museum Taltsy
18:00 - Lunch, Tour to Bolshoye Goloustnoye village, to the Eco-Hotel "Uliguer"
20:30 - Dinner, Getting ready for the "We Are A Team" hiking tour
6 DAY — 7 DAY
Hiking tour to the Kadilniy Cape (with camping on the Baikal National Park territory)
20:00 - Evening by the bonfire with the Siberian samovar tea
Transfer to the airport, departure
The programme is made together with the partners:

Federal State Budgetary Institution "Zapovednoye Pribaikalye"

Specialists organize and lead the hiking tours and walks along the National Park, as well as intellectual and entertaining ecological game.

Federal State Budgetary Institution of Higher Education "Irkutsk State University":

Biology Research Institute

Specialists will show the researching methods of Baikal lake and tell about the ecosystem. Together with you they will make some research of the coastal zone, flora and fauna of Baikal. In the evening you will learn the antipodes daily vertical migration and evaluate the fish and amphipods intensity of migration activity.

Botanical Garden

Specialists will escort you during the National Park Expedition. We'll have the lessons on learning the herbal communities. While camping the children will investigate the peculiarities of plants internal structure depending on environmental conditions. We'll learn about phytocenotic characteristics and phytocenosis structure. Find out how to identify the local flora plants, discover the specific ways of environmental plant markers selection and examine the National Park flora diversity. Moreover, while discovering the populations of rare and vulnerable local plant species, children will master the advanced methods of plants age investigation, working in field conditions, and learn population stability of the rare species on sample areas.

Astrophysical Observatory

Specialists will make a tour around the observatory. We'll find out what the astronauts should know. By the way, the astronomy scientists will escort the "Star Way" tour from 12th to 16th of July.

Nonprofit Organization of Astronomy Popularization "Starship Troopers"

Specialists will teach the expedition members to orientate on a starry sky. We'll find out how to forecast the daily changes on it, learn the outlook for the Solar System development

The Programme Price includes:
Meals (4 times a day)
Accommodation: at the Eco-Hotel "Uliger" (comfortable yurts), on hiking – 2-3 pax camp tents, in Irkutsk – at the hotel/hostel.
Research and educational programme
Promgramme Member's Set
Number of Group Members: 12-16 (including 1 guide)
ATTENTION! Not included: tickets to Irkutsk and back, medical and life insurance, visa support!!!

Would you like to join us from abroad?
It's easy! We often meet people from different countries. Let us pick up the most convenient flight for you and organize transfers from the airport to the camp. Leave your request, - we'll discuss all the details with you!

You can book the tour and ask questions by writing on efirprostranstvo@gmail.com

Any questions (cooperation as well) – on the phone 8 (3952) 601-444, or you can leave your number in this form and we'll call you back.
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Vasilisa Stolyarova
Program Director
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+7 (908) 778-01-69
Office 201, bld.47, Karl Marx Street, Irkutsk city.
Bolshoye Goloustnoye village

Have any questions?
You can book the tour and ask questions by writing on efirprostranstvo@gmail.com.
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Irkutsk Regional Public Organization of Children and Youth Volunteer Support and Development "TVORY DOBRO"
Any questions (cooperation as well) – on the phone 8 (3952) 601-444, or you can leave your number in this form and we'll call you back.
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